DNG is a leading provider of specialized and general medical equipment and products, catering to a wide range of needs of the healthcare industry. We are business partners with leading medical companies like Johnson and Johnson (LifeScan , Ethicon , Hospital Supplies), Carl Zeiss, Trivitron, Perfint, RFCL. Below is a brief description of our product range:

Carl Zeiss- Surgical Operating Microscopes & Parts: Used for ENT, Plastic/Reconstruction, Neuro-Surgery & Dental Surgery.

Trivitron, Alere, RFCL- Lab Diagnostics: Clinical Chemistry Machines & Reagents, Clinical Electrophoresis, Hematology, Microbiology, Molecular Diagnostics, Histopathology & Cytology, Semen Analyzer, Point of Care, Electrolyte Analyzer, Blood Gas Analyzer and Immunology.

J&J Lifescan- Blood Sugar (Glucose) Testing Monitors: Diabetic Control Blood Sugar Testing (and Control) Products, Consumables and Accesories.

J&J Hospital Supplies: Ethicon Sutures / Meshes, J&J General Wound Care Products, Advanced Sterlization Products, Ethicon Endo Surgery products to small Hospitals and Nursing Homes.

J&J Ethicon- Surgical Sutures & Hernia Meshes: The entire range of Ethicon Hernia Meshes and Sutures to large Hospitals and Nursing Homes.

Perfint Healthcare – CT Guided Robotic Arms: Planning and targeting solutions for image guided interventional procedures – with an emphasis on oncology and pain care. Used for biopsy, drug delivery, ablation, drainage, fine needle aspiration and varied pain care procedures for both cancerous and non-cancerous pain.

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Sales & Service – Trivitron, Alere, RFCL
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Shridhar Gupta (J&J Ethicon / Hospital Supplies) -(+91) 98310 – 33262 / 90518-33262 (

Sales & Service – Carl Zeiss:
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Aniruddha Saha -(+91) 98315-44635 (

Sales & Service – J&J Product Line:
Debasish Kabiraj -(+91) 99030-34619 (
Sushmita Dey Sarkar -(+91) 99030-34618 ( )
Shridhar Gupta -(+91) 98310 – 33262 / 90518-33262 (                                                                               Sanjay Hait – (+91) 98316-01458 (

Work Controllers:

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